Phlebotomist Specialist

Date PostedWednesday, 19 April 2017
ReferenceNursing Homes
Type and ShiftRFT Varies
Job Description 1 Regular Full-Time Position
Must be available Sunday through Saturday to cover all hours of operations, including weekends and holidays. Must be flexible with schedule changes in order to meet operational needs.

Collects blood specimen from patient by either venipuncture or skin puncture techniques. Accurately identifies patients and specimens according to prescribed procedure. Procures or receives other non-blood specimens. Verifies specimen integrity and specimen identification.
Qualifications • High school diploma or equivalent required
• Academic background with courses in mathematics and some biological science preferred
• Three (3) years of phlebotomy work experience required.
• Certification from ASCP-BOC or ASPT as Phlebotomist is required
• Must be able to travel and provide coverage in Nursing Homes, at any DLS Satellite and affiliated hospital institution (QMC Punchbowl Hospital, QMC West Hospital, Molokai General Hospital, North Hawaii Community Hospital)
• Same island coverage: Must be able to transition to new work location within an hour
• Neighbor island coverage: must be able to report to a new work site within a maximum of
three days
• Must respond to calls/messages within one hour of call as assigned
• Ability to speak, read, write and understand English
• Excellent customer service skills required
• Able to work independently and with a team